Light On Ananda Yoga 4 - Data Dayal Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal
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Light on Ananda Yoga


Data Dayal Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal

Copyright © 2007

(Contains chapters 11 – 15)

Chapter 11

Yoga is the path to be treaded by the head and not by the foot

One who follows the direction of the nose

Without flinching to the right or to the left

Is worthy to be accepted as a disciple

Man is an inverted being, turned upside down

These sayings are nevertheless true to the letter, and if properly
explained, they will remove all doubts and illusions. Humans are
inverted beings and they are required to go upwards, following the
direction of their nose. A human being's duty is to walk through
their head. These are first principles, indisputable principles of
and they find their true explanation in the words that follow:

1) The Sukhmana nadi passes right up to the aperture of the nose
goes to the crown of the head. It is this path that the pilgrim has to
pass through, to the Holy of Holies. Those who part their hairs
the nose, point out this path through the direction of their parting.
This is what means following `The direction pointed out by the
nose' and the wayfarer is warned neither to turn to the right nor
the left of the path. How easy this explanation is. Formerly it was
confusing and invoked fear within those who practiced; but with this
explanation, all suspension and terror is vanished all at once.

2) In the order of creation, the ancient seers have spoken of the
human being as `an inverted tree' whose roots are turned upwards
towards the sky and whose branches are turned towards the earth. In
structure, humans and trees are the same. Skin, blood, marrow, fat,
moisture, veins, arteries, nerves etc. are alike in both. They eat and
drink through their mouths; which are nowhere else but in their heads
roots. They think and act similarly. Humans have their sense organs in
their head; and so do trees have their sensibilities implanted in
roots. However, although they are alike in every respect; the capacity
for introversion is the difference between them; that one cannot do
with. The head of the tree is rooted down in the soil, while that of a
human, flutters in the sky – call them roots or heads; they mean the
same thing. Also, their legs and hands are branches hanging down,
in the trees they are uplifted. Trees produce and shed their flowers
fruits upwards; but humans' condition is quite the reverse. They
cast their flowers and seeds downwards etc.

3) The tree thinks through its roots and humans think through their
heads. The life of the person lies more in the head; and that of the
tree, in the roots. The tree has its life sustaining material below in
the roots while humans express thoughts fully through their heads.
Whenever a person wants to know something, they concentrate their mind
in upper regions of his head. Practically they `walk' in order
to find out whether his aggregated impressions are amassed there or
This faculty is called memory. This is walking through the head. In a
similar way, all the regions of Spirituality find room in the
of the brain up to the crown of the head and man has to tread these,
planting his foot of the head on and trampling these spheres of
comparative materiality under his feet, flying upwards and upwards in
the manner of a bird, until the highest goal is attained. This has
likened unto the walking with the head. Is this not true? Yes, but it
requires practice. It requires practical knowledge and requires
association with one's master, Experto Crede (trusting one who has
had experience). This much for the misleading ideas that find
in the mouth of the ignorant people. Now about the practice.

If one has restrained his mind a little, he can continue the practice
his advantage with the help of simran, dhyan and bhajan.

Simran is the mental repetition of the Holy Name, which leads you to
path within. Dhyan is the mental meditation of the Holy Ideal, which
lights your path within; bhajan is the mental audition of the Holy
Sound, which eventually directs you to the Holy Abode within. What is
difficult here?

Never utter the Holy Name in vain. Have recourse to it at the time of
practice. Do everything to the purpose. Purposeless work will make you
slave of habits. And then your mode of working, here, there, and
everywhere; will not be of a master; but of ritual and ceremonial
observances; just like an automaton.

Light on the path; that is the result of meditation, or rather, Light
which is hidden in the centres will burst forth, leading you to the
centre of Light. How pleasant, how ecstatic and how blissful!

Then, there is the Sound Principle. The Heavenly Music will accompany
your steps enticing you, whipping you into frenzy and transporting you
to the raptures of the Minstrel, whose Melody is neither vowels nor
consonants; nor uttered by the mouth of the mortals. It is something,
which exceeds and baffles every sort of description. It is unuttered
unmitigated, how wonderful! In the presence of these, how can one say
that the practice of ananda yoga is hard and unpleasant? It is not
difficult to understand and much less difficult to practise.

Chapter 12

The practise is easy; the explanation is difficult. An efficient
can make the path as smooth as possible. Regarding the true nature of
Creation, if one was to describe it in full; they would look
in the eyes of the readers who are as innocent as children, regarding
these subjects.

From the crown centre to Satlok is the motionless state of Energy and
beneath it is the dynamic state of Energy. The shadow or the
image of the Great Deity found the real radiant One shining in His
and thought within, "I am He," and therefore He got name of
Soham. He is the Cause of all and His sphere beginning from beneath
Satlok to Maha-Sunn, is the Para-Brahmand. He being Para-Brahm, His
universe necessarily becomes Para-Brahmand. Para-Brahm causes reverse
reflections below, thus creating the Subtle One. This is Brahm (whose
function is to expand, think and grow). It is in this subtle plane of
the intellect that the expansion and thinking faculties find their
play; resulting in mental creation.

This Brahm casts reflections below into the gross material plane, and
appears in multiple reversed and reflective forms. These are called
Pind, the embodied ones. It is here that we have our abode.

The Trinity was contained within the First State. Therefore it exists
every plane that succeeds it. And that tri-lateral condition finds
expression in wakeful, dream and dreamless states.

From the above description one would be correct in thinking that here
below is only a reversed reflected image; while the Reality is beyond.
And it is so. Why humans are called reversed inverted beings has been
explained previously.

Yet, suppose a tree is standing on the brink of a lake. This tree is
reflected downwards and their roots seem to be united. In the same
imagine that this reversed tree is again inversely reflected. The
branches of the former are united with the branches of the latter
get their roots further below. Now for the fourth time, imagine that
this tree in its turn again is inversely reflected below. Its roots
united with the roots of the preceding tree, while its branches are
hanging downwards. This is the human. And this is why we call them
`inverted trees'.

What has been said is not illogical. We admit it is beyond our
perception, but it has been proved by intuition and if it is not
perceptible intuitively it can at least be understood by the faculty
discrimination. This is the downfall of the Divine human being or
the incident of the Paradise Lost.

Chapter 13

With all the man's deep and systematic study, the comprehension of
the subject is difficult. We wish we could describe everything in
to our entire satisfaction, and do full justice to the subject.
it will become a rather very lengthy process. Circumstances forbid us
from doing so. Nevertheless, whatever has been said in is sufficient
bring truth to the mind of the reader.

Dissolution is the reverse of creation, as death is the reverse of
And if one cannot understand the process detailed here, we refer them
the pages of The Sar Bachan Radhaswami (poetry where the process of
creation and dissolution are described in detail). It is reads
like this:

"The body is made of earth. So, when the time of dissolution comes,
its vitality, being withdrawn inwards gets concentrated into the
of the rectum, for that is the proper region of mud or earth. All
it (i.e. the extremities), is cold, rendered lifeless, there being no
spark of vitality left therein.

"Earth is the outcome of water or rather it is water that gives
birth to earth, just as the water of the sea produces foam. And earth
nothing but foam condensed. The vitality of earth, therefore, is
withdrawn into the centre of the genitals, the seat of water. Thus
immerged in water. Now, life is in that centre while the gland below
is altogether lifeless.

"Again, as water is the production of fire, fire being the original
source of water, it is turned upwards, evaporated by fire and reduced
nothing. Now, the ganglion of the navel, the seat of fire, is heated,
while below, it is all icy. Fire has its vitality here and other
have lost it.

"Now, fire is the result of the motion of the wind. So, its current
is drawn up and submerged in the gland of the heart. There the heart
beating, but below, all is lifeless. Thus, fire is assimilated into
wind element.

"Now, it is out of akasha (space or ether) that the air had its
existence. So in its turn, the current of air turns itself upwards and
becomes one with the akasha. Here, the centre of the throat is active,
while all below is lifeless.

"This akasha has its origin in the manas (mind) so it is taken up
into the Third Eye centre. The life spark that remains is there while
below is silent. This manas or mind principle was the outcome of the
prakriti or satva rajas and tamas, the center of Trikuti, the abode of
Aumkar or the Antaryami.

"Therefore, the life current is withdrawn upwards to the Para-Brahm.
Here the effects are withdrawn into the Cause; whereas the perfect
dissolution of the body and the universe below has taken place. There
no dissolution in the Static or Fourth Stage (Satlok).

Chapter 14

A person wakes, dreams, and sleeps everyday and does them regularly.
These states are nothing but the gross, the subtle and the causal
in his body. He awakes in the gross, he dreams in the subtle, and he
gets absorbed in the causal.

In the causal universe; the Mool Prakriti is represented by its chief
factor Ahankar (Ego). Prakriti has three aspects:




These are principles of consciousness, passion, and darkness
(respectively). In the Causal Universe they are all neutralised in
equanimity, existing in seed form.

In the Subtle Universe: the ego-principle manifests as buddhi
(intellect), manas (mind), chit (consciousness), while the Prakriti
becomes five elements:

1. Akas (space or ether)

2. Vayu (the air element)

3. Agni (the fire element)

4. Apa (the water element)

5. Prithvi (earth element)

These elements combine and appear in the form of gyan indriyas (sense
organ) and karm indriyas (motor organs). The sensory organs are:

1. Sharavan-indriya – ears – organs of hearing

2. Saparsh-indriya – skin – organs of feeling or touch

3. Darshan-indriya – eyes – organs of sight

4. Rasan-indriya – tongue – organs of taste

5. Gharan-indriya – nose – organ of smell

The motor organs are:

1. Vaak-indriya – tongue – voicing.

2. Hast-indriya – hands – handling.

3. Pad-indriya – feet – locomotion.

4. Upasath-indriya – sexual organ – pleasure and recreation

5. Guda-indriya – rectum – excreting

The vishaya (five objects) are the articles of perception of
gyan-indriya are:

Shabad-tanmatra – Sound as such.

Saparsh-tanmatra – Feelings as such.

Roop-tanmatra – Colour as such

Ras-tanmatra – Flavour as such

Candh-tanmatra – Odour as such

These and others that have not been named are produced in the subtle
plane. Their subtle forms are perceived by the dreamer in the dream

The subtle creation becomes coarse and gross in the land of
where the senses play with their objects. Otherwise, both are similar.
However, in the dream world the dreamer is free from notions of
limitations as in the waking state, i.e. the material world. I wish I
could explain other items as well here. But this introduction will
become too lengthy and the continued interest of the reader is

Chapter 15

We understand that what has been said above might have been thoroughly
realised by the reader; and if it is so, it will be easy to realise
we say hereafter.
What is above, that is below. What is below is the reversed condition
what is above. In the scheme of creation, earth is the last item in
list categories. It is matter above which liquidity, heat, air and
play their parts. This is not possible without stability in the lowest
series of strata, which support the others.

The earth here, in a way, becomes what we call motionless. For just as
below the above static condition, the dynamic aspect of creation plays
its part, so it is over the earth below (read the sentences twice,
times, before you go further). Below is only the reversed and
condition of the above. So everything that finds its place in the
is being reflected below as well. For instance, just as you standing
before a mirror, find yourself reflected in its glass, so, also, here
reflection of the above takes place according to the same law. The
is heaven and heaven is the earth. The one in the body is the same as
the mirror.

The only difference is of the condition. The above is real,
while the below is unreal. The real abides in the body. It is only
reflected in the mirror; otherwise the mirror is quite empty of it.

I believe the sense of my assertion has been realised and so I will
boldly speak out my thoughts, for the benefit of those whom it

The first expression from the Supreme Deity, or the Supreme Sphere
was Sound. So here, also, in the material plane, the same factor comes
into eminence and expression, i.e. the Sound Principle.

What is universe but a thought form? And sound is either thought
personified, or impersonal. Whether the world is in the causal and
un-differentiated state or whether it is in the most developed and
manifested; it is nothing but the Sound Principle.

Now, this Sound is of four principle kinds:





1. Para is the Sound beyond, the reverberation of which is not
unless the ears attain the same degree of resonance with it; and this
done in the practice of ananda yoga (or shabd yoga as it is also
called). It comes from the Sanskrit pri (to fill). The Universe is
of it. It is the transcendent form of Sound – invisible,
imperceptible, unknowable, un-cognisable and so forth.

2. Another form of Sound that follows Para is Pashyanti which is
envisioned, seen, perceived and realised, although partially.
comes from Sanskrit pashya (to see). This is the Sound when it takes
form. This also is not heard unless the auditory organs attain the
condition of resonance with it. Think of a globe of fire which when
whirled round is noiseless, without any sort of sound; though in
it is not devoid of it. Yet it is being perceived though not heard.
Nevertheless, this is the causal form of the Sound Principle which you
should bear in mind to enable you to understand what I have to tell

3. The next stage of the Sound-principle is its subtle form, which
called Madhyama, the middle one, from Sanskrit madhya (the middle). It
is the manifestation of the Universe-progress, and its contents form
objects of discursive thought and experience where the terms
"this" and "that" begin to find expression.

4. And below this middle one, is the Vaikhari Sound, which is but
gross expression of it. Vaikhari is derived from Sanskrit vi (before)
(organ of sense) and ra (to get or give) i.e. giving out from the
of sense, of that which was before. Probably speaking Vaikhari is the
Sound expressed externally through the organ of the mouth.

These are the four kinds of Sounds, which play their part above the
mooldhara, the chakra of the rectum. They have their seats below the
navel; in the navel; in the heart and in the mouth. Here, as
you have three stages of cause, subtle and gross, and beyond these is
the Fourth Stage.

Edited & Revised by Sant Harjit Singh Sandhu


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J.D. Campbell
2009-07-25 06:00:17 UTC
i humbly dis-agree with respect and just to preserve your honor and with
no disrespect ask you to re-consider the words alone not yours and
passed along....... MAN IS AN INVERTED BEING....It was explained
numerous times to myself as the head is the roots. the fingers the
leaves...the arms the twigs the legs the branchs.... the body of a
tree/inverted the body of a person.. the flower you understand with all
politeness.. being separate from animals ..the tree fixed unable to
move a man judged by his balance fitness of feet and ctred his
stomach...the tree has the sun the winds man has the inner sun the
pranas......i am instructed to never reveal all that i know just whats

Now if one humbly considers the head the roots the red sky at dawn and
the sky at night the golden dusk from the inner sun again inverted..the
buddha a fine yog sat under the tree as simular to a mirrors reflection
some claim.

Good nite my my head always meet my heart/JD
2009-08-13 09:04:49 UTC
Post by J.D. Campbell
i humbly dis-agree with respect and just to preserve your honor and with
no disrespect ask you to re-consider the words alone not yours and
passed along....... MAN IS AN INVERTED BEING....It was explained
numerous times to myself as the head is the roots. the fingers the
leaves...the arms the twigs the legs the branchs.... the body of a
tree/inverted the body of a person.. the flower you understand with all
politeness.. being separate from animals  ..the tree fixed unable to
move a man judged by his balance fitness of feet and ctred his
stomach...the tree has the sun the winds man has the inner sun the
pranas......i am instructed to never reveal all that i know just whats
Now if one humbly considers the head the roots the red sky at dawn and
the sky at night the golden dusk from the inner sun again inverted..the
buddha a fine yog sat under the tree as simular to a mirrors reflection
some claim.
Good nite my my head always meet my heart/JD
Whatever can be revealed by words was never a secret to begin with...
Though I guess that puts mantras in a special light. Is Yoga a mantra?

As for the opening post... I didn't like it. I liked when I understood
that the vertical pivoting of man and tree renders them equal to each
other as living beings when the non-essentials are disregarded, but
the rest of the text felt mostly like directionless rambling. I feel
the whole text should be decimated for clear expression and then
written again.
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-13 09:42:08 UTC
It is the gift of understanding that reveals the context of words. The
japa or mantra yoga is to set a vibratory presense in the body.That than
is to loosen blockages in the spirit and the flesh the words the breath
together can be directed aimed focused towards different objectives and
some claim that favorable action.

Hum Auh OOO EEE Auh LA LA OOOLa La LA........Hum Auh OOO
EEE.......Sleepy relaxing
regenerating healing nappy time/grin...go withthe sleep wait gently wait
relax feel the tingle at the bodies hairs...the nerve force.

Yes the vertical....except isnt that so obvious just too apparent two
objects next to each other both vertical.So contemplte please or think
swami.......if i drew a picture could you understand it....of course...I
appolize my writing is the hardest some claim that ever mostly
incomprensiable.My translations very difficult so i appolize again.Most
all never understand them.
The rainbow
Tree/Right side up
Buddha/Upside down
(the buddha sat under the tree)

May my heart always meet my head..JD
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 03:40:44 UTC
Then of course obviously here we have japanese and mongolian buddhism in
these tree stories. The japanese actually move the alledged tree to
japan from china to continue the work a buddhist country. Next the tree
bends from the rain the top starts growing in the soil and two branchs
sprout from the truck (taoist). Then we have tree stories based the
flower and obgects that sit in the tree (chinese/ korean thai and
vietnamise... alchemical) these intertwined based from western tree
stories of the family christmas tree its ornaments.Basicly some of these
are from the Druids also. Everyone has had alot tree stories most all
lost. Then we have their wooden cross and the round table the table at
the last supper. (michelangelo)..Basicly again theres only two ways to
go....One or a few compiled who/those that do the entire work and those
that use the work to try and achieve their motives or means to their
ends. In my case i was lucky/unlucky all the jewel stories are aimed
towards me..................plumbed serpants and all serpants/precious
jewel and all corrrect chemy/paradises jewels/cutting the jewel/ but i
have not found all of them yet.... yet they were so nice to leave such a
wealth.. just underground church folk pointing at the key areas they
needed and eventually i hope to find the naturalists but theres really
no longer much time......The tree stories came from long ago forest
dwellers and before .The Buddha (wiseman) is a mystery story as Jesus
Christ (majic words) joint cooperation long ago
See the buddha mystery stops basicly tree (grounded) as the Tao is
sealed after 2000 no more bolts all the existing books replaced with
nothing. So its not polite to talk about a wiseman so a tree is
substituted....my scene is irrational mathmathics they want a branch of
math easy but i never seem to get serious..jdc
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 04:19:23 UTC
Well i did meet some helpful people related NASA another agency and two
computer companies which somehow wound up with 5000 years of metatonic
material really qwick also......but i am held up on my chemy math stuff.
The only cool guy got lost me tired after maybe a 50-hundred alternative
tables still not the right one.........i know the one had it but it was
stolen by a well whatever they carry triangles.....but its stuck in my
memmory and nature never loses my memory i lose my mind every time i
drive down any street smell the breeze......but it doesnt matter to get
another its gotta be kinda strange but King Lord Campbell..an alot of
treaty stuff......JDC
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 05:30:44 UTC
Its just not even really a dream anymore its way toolate toohard you
know born that way maybe next time. Religions are so superstitious the
oldest rules are long gone. I dont need help it seems achieving that
what they call the great work a nimbus the rest always born that way its
just that i gotta exist in all this crap with the worlds biggest riddle
puzzle code set for a gemini rising what around 22 degrees
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pregnant......i gotta be santa claus chemically safe toys...only what
happens in life...Santa
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 05:50:22 UTC
santa does climb up down chimneys just like me has a red black white
sled just like my van full of nice toys for dragons to play with man i
bet its santa also theres the north pole that little sparklie two women
1 pregnant all true stories completely realpeople the best supernatural
results very clear light to see...better than some priest handing out
money tothe poor people expect a real santa..its a worlds soul not
individual and man it kinda likes me ...i think i need a card i dont
care about naughty nice santa was terible..i like all the veggie food
making the best race cars back now diabetic from too much ya know the
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said santa never wanted too its was mrs santas idea kids long ago mabe i
should of not been so in fear of that pregnant daughter moved to mount
shasta . I was kinda thinking two j's or is it a girl j should find
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 06:53:08 UTC
Yep he was a over eatter grumpy dreamed wanted more than a little
toymaker yet all he did was make toys play and now sees the result of a
worlds soul lives at the northpole kids yeah the dharma the dharma..has
a nite very dark rain..yes dear yes dear right number was 12-13 a
spare/grin...chimmneys colors naughty shit yes;...oh my g/d the power of
a worlds souloh man illusions dellusions man these guysespecially these
women....nos i kinda think these tree stories just got solved the druids
the family tree the family jewels...you should go into the kinda work
shrinks do...forget the past ...i dont want to be a dump truck.....the
worlds soul can do ANYTHING...sure they always got what they desired 1
day a year....ho hum i am at their hearts desire whatever they
want....smilethe worlds soul......Smile...aall for 1for all.
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 07:22:07 UTC
Its always hindsight a 1963 vw van canadian owened i think laundry
vanred white and blackroofwhich i put on over 250,000more miles tossing
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before i knew wht a nimbus was.. after a t-bolt i sold it..what is
giving me all this karma..thats the answer IT WAS A WORLDS SOUL santa
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CAUGHT YOU>Lovely ..they caught me cause before i got anything they had
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J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 07:37:36 UTC
that could be debatedsparklie that could be debated right answer right
question..12 years nirvana .....back in the clouds......nope i dont so
maybe that could be debated...the worlds soul $15 astro chart......they
tricked and tricked and tricked me gotta love em they are so clever they
elect.what they like the best at the time create it outta thin
air.....they only create real ones. homo males must be naughty chics
need practice.
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 08:01:30 UTC
well one thing a tree ya know my first nife the the first thing i cut
was a tree and i cut my thumb same strokelittle not used too also a
curved yellow nife a jaguar name brand and it broke from no use sat in a
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J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 08:37:38 UTC
So i am completely that nimbus a result of the entire worlds combined
effort that a stop start switch your desires.....they take compile
eventually find a way to get me to be that butas a human being
collectively created frompast action i gain my owen knowlege so they
trust me yet its them doing....in the sun they get the lookout post
cause they can migrate head on down the road those that live in the
sun....they cant figure out individual cause of the way light binds love
mostly lost hidden from them as they pray but to themselfs not those in
the sun nor do they think correctly after all this time confuse me to no
ends..funny weather funny weather so they cant really do much to me or
they are busted..so inside my feeling they get leverage yet i never mess
up...so when i get pissed off about chemy waste reycle trash pollution
blow upget that red black nimbus i already set the wheels in motion and
if they screw it up of course the first thing that happens thier desires
they want me.....cause they get the freewillnot even my boxer shorts are
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moment.... fromone sun tothe next with my potentialis no sweat....these
guys just want a fair fun friendly biz and to die happy not punished..I
am the created potential of thier desires and all those dads the fully
understanding future...in my memoery zazillions of mortals to live die
happy...1 day a year always late rarely early.....You might thinki
amcrazy nope no way.....theres so few people to ever get a nimbus its
sorare ...when things get bad real bad last chence bingo.....YOU ALL
LOVE FUN ALONE...man do you got lot of problems mines over..YOU hid
chemy an thought forgot about those in the sunthey dont forget me they
allwere in the backyard once around 8:30 the agile ones...shiva/brahma
joe/josh....etc you fogot your watched every day and nite..... ........
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 09:16:05 UTC
Its like religions because they could not control those that live in the
sun didnt mention that part. Ok they ride chariots across the sun..basic
shiva brahma joe josh...my father who art in heaven joe names joe. the
story charactor adopts ..
The chariot cause ive seen every chariot there is meaning every nimbus
that has beens dad inside they only let one open mine hen they allgo fly
together man do they have the hotrod...remember pill bugs as a kid they
curl up hence one chariot that curl that bubble shape easy journey
other planets krishna related uncurled like a clam shell3-4 ft golden
reddish and exactly as in life..the agilr ons with nothing bettter to
dothan watch whatever they want to day/nite... so your always watched
the weather more than you thought...etc always always always..Noknown
deaths or anything else except they all know me nothing i can do about
it..YOU MIGHT HAVE DESIRES but you also dont trust yourselfs...theres
not many no where near a 100and they can go anywhere anytime any place
they ride by desire alone guys like me come along they get
happy.....thats the ticket you never hear about kinda like easy journey
toother planets a krishna thing..theres a dad for every nimbus....they
watch know everything they desire not me it meens i come from collective
desire....gawd man is was santa claus popular .but he was a real
one...very realyou can believe in he was a realhuman being named
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 09:36:24 UTC
Type your message here.
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 09:46:12 UTC
man nos..sorry this always happens..i need a vacay like a long nap like
about a million zazillion blip time span for those black robes to fill
in perfect form..osirus my bro meet santa claus jewel...now i get how
that jewel incarnation fits the most understanding kind nice guy fits
as it the collective want that creates me in me their memories to my dad
to the next world...bean counter..not a single religous idea whos only
thing is amusement parks family entertainment.....whos who cpa signs
over the internet naval weapon etc..family entertainment the first tv
etc......I have no idea how he gets that a new world but hes limited to
only what he had in life...thanks that was a good head shrink i cant let
it get to out there ......JDC
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 10:08:41 UTC
Sparklie probably is ready to stay here do what he does hes very north
pole magnetic iron feelings has a existing birthday the perfect person
for the place tomorrow.Smokie wants new clothes stuck seventies the OOBE
ho hum probably they say he goes thru the ghostly realms unknown how.Me
outta the wheel of birth death that heart attack nice family just
probably bing black i suspect nature starts me where i left off which is
hard to do cause obviously the best family couldnt do it so i skipped
that womb...the green bliss that light will always bind that energy ball
gnostics cause its part me time has served us well....follows the trail
i might have a school after all based 1my winter solistice birth tht
archbishop did have the dark nite within seconds ..ok thanks sorry
bye...i am curious very curious one day disclaimer always
appllies.....you make a good shrink tree a nice buzz word..you should
send me your birthday to my email the ceasar calendar works great for
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 14:16:11 UTC
of course your not a parent do you look for tasty comets far away
gallexies figure out things noperson willever thinkoff do you have an
agile body a long host of relatives streeching back tothe beginning of
life on earth a crazy kid nope you not my dad.. desyour dad let you just
take off months at a time smileios it hard out there well i do kinda run
out of beer money better go to school naw dad moms right after that
morning she knowsoh i know kid your moms pyschic now an you wont tellher
how what that was whatever you might not believe it but shes upset cause
whatever you di its hard on everybody.. the pure heart better be way
back outta the way pal that entire sky up there allof it allof allof it
opens upinstant momin a few diferent ways......allthe way back allthe
way back....
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 14:47:02 UTC
Auh......forget the k or y words START THE R WORDS sometime look up
theres only two kinds known one is the nirvana type and the other is the
golden body type that chariot across the sun.....all the chariots not
very many just about looks like tome my poorpoor stupid unfortunate
battered brain damaged poor me sellfish me about the same number of
nirvana types, dah gee some genius just like counting silver roses dah
whats a silver rose dah...nobody ever grew one yet wheres that idea ge
dah maybe the library.....nope gee oh its a conterst huh noper gotta
have a physicalrose no spray paint homie.....

2009-08-14 11:54:51 UTC
Post by J.D. Campbell
It is the gift of understanding that reveals the context of words. The
japa or mantra yoga is to set a vibratory presense in the body.That than
is to loosen blockages in the spirit and the flesh the words the breath
together can be directed aimed focused towards different objectives and
some claim that  favorable action.
And if you have to repeat your mantra 100 000 times your subtle bodies
are as energy-tight as a sieve... I think I understand. The muscle
memory of sound echoes in your nerves, strengthening with each
repetition. The prayer touches upon your consciousness with its every
pass, transforming and refining.
Post by J.D. Campbell
Hum Auh OOO EEE Auh LA LA OOOLa La LA........Hum Auh OOO
EEE.......Sleepy relaxing
regenerating healing nappy time/grin...go withthe sleep wait gently wait
relax feel the tingle at the bodies hairs...the nerve force.
I still haven't been able to feel the tingles in spite of otherwise
successful energy work. Dunno what that's about.
Post by J.D. Campbell
Yes the vertical....except isnt that so obvious just too apparent two
objects next to each other both vertical.So contemplte please or think
swami.......if i drew a picture could you understand it....of course...I
appolize my writing is the hardest some claim that ever mostly
incomprensiable.My translations very difficult so i appolize again.Most
all never understand them.
The rainbow
Tree/Right side up
Buddha/Upside down
(the buddha sat under the tree)
May my heart always meet my head..JD
Aaah! So he really sat _under_ the tree! Astonishing. :D
This must be why in tantra couples will scissor their legs and do
breath-work. Root chakra vs. root chakra.

I'll start studying math at a university this fall, and the
mathematical correspondences of divine magic is a special interest of
mine. I can very well understand how the tree is a mathematical object
and the myths in one sense speak of subtle processes which arose
arbitrarily or out of necessity.

On the world's soul... I was at a small open concert in a park during
a yearly festival last night and saw a falling star. Feeling
superstitious I asked gaia/mother earth/the goddess/Durga to help me
find a girlfriend. Seconds later a girl I'm only interested in as a
friend hits on me and then starts battling two other girls (who I am
interested in... both of them) for my attention. Though flattering it
was extremely awakward and eventually I just took an opportunity to
run away. lol
Careful what you wish for... And no I'm not your dad. XD

I'll try to remember emailing you. No guarantees. :D
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 12:39:19 UTC
I just around the block taught you all there was to know about kundalini
nerve tingle rotate the shoulders ida pingala your done nerve
tingle...raise the old hair.sorry sport your only chance is to sex a
virgin and shes colored tru/blue...your so very very naive and its not
important you take the minor pranas match themtothe major you see which
ones make money which not....start k. use all the k ones you got it. I
was born todo it wore out anyway.......now i could sell you as naive but
i wont...ha head in the sand thats japanese upside down trees........jai
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 12:48:50 UTC
I really need sleep.....there is no way no means no as the only slim
chance so slim is to find a blue spoked disc around its edge silver rose
buds each a spark tru/blue with spokes a slight tilt thats all required
and it seems just like a old friend after the quint.. her son a nimbus
NO OTHER WAY Send me a check/grin i got lots of mantras..thanks tree is
a good buzz word.
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 13:19:19 UTC
I might remember once here in alt yog we discussed for months right left
side of brain and thank g/d i never learned spelling my brain then would
of been long useless no room nothing gone junk trash spent for the
empire etc... no virgin likes that...empty is good....jd
J.D. Campbell
2009-08-14 13:45:35 UTC
Ok they always got a carrot like nirvana they enjoy endless bliss and
are never seen again...nimbus they enjoy paradise foreverand are never
sen again...today those that reach the absolute higest state nimbus this
great blah blah learning from books alone recieve endless time in
paradise.....theres always a carrot.me you get it here thats it oh
theres a next time but nature isnt going to let you get less just
more..kinda reverses evolution otherwise...so to me the more the
bettereach time born more oportunity less work... ""but after you nos
nos anything goes around you go nobody knows""i think i really do ive
alweays said that lyric i think your one of my better friends....
'''''''we used toplay that for hours day da day spinning as kids nos nos
anything goes round you gonobody nos and we were always happy screaming
with joy falling down dizzy hide and seek gone try to catch me cant
run.. YOUR THE KIND that names a long shot but its fun...all
curious......its the thin disc thin hows its streech open.>>>>>kundalini
nopeno no nonerve force tuingle....round you go nobody knows...be like
jarad ideas ideas ideas ideas words sowhat.....jdc.....